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Arkadaşlar şu yazıyı çevirebilecek özetini çıkarabilecek birisi var mı?

lütfen Read Just One Time In Your Life
im not a spam.

Hi friends I know you are busy and i know comment i * going to write is out of your intereset but you will like and thank me.

Its about New satallite toys that cia and Turkish NSA have and use cooperatively. Spy satellites that Reads & Control your mind and manage your body - dreams, movements, behavior, feelings - and torture your Neural, Breathing, Mucsular, Reproductive, Circulation and Cardiovascular system. Get our brainwaves grapped without consent with spy satellites and decodes them using some techniques one of them is called brainmapping. Many universities and technological companies working on it.

What is it decoded from our brains? Something we hear - something we see - something we think - something we imagine - something we vivified in our minds for any reason in real time like graphics, pictures, faces, bank passwords etc.

A sample story about people who wonder what is happening on the top of the business and political world in Turkey. Mad. Cow. RTE and SOB. Hakan. Fidan. responsible for this objection. being applied to me.

Its intelligence story to talk about and explore something New about human health, human rights, execution and management of a Country. Turkey.



lütfen ask any question you want.


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Arkadaşlar şu yazıyı çevirebilecek özetini çıkarabilecek birisi var mı?
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